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The Barque Picton Castle

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About us:

The Barque Picton Castle is a three-masted tall ship based in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada and best known for our adventurous international long distance sail training voyages. The Picton Castle is owned and operated by the Winward Isles Sailing Ship Company Ltd. Want to sail with us? visit us at

The Dory Shop, we build dories. Day in, day out one after another! We have been building the iconic Grand Banks Dory and other traditional wooden rowboats for close to a century. We have added a few power tools but we are proud to say our boats are still hand-built using tried and true construction methods. We like it this way, it works and will continue to work as long as the sea has salt and the ocean has waves!

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Picton Castle & Dory Shop

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The Barque Picton Castle

Thinking you would like to join the Picton Castle and be part of the crew? Visit us at to see the Captain's Log, upcoming voyages and follow the ships current location.

The Dory Shop has been in business since 1917. We are now the only commercial dory shop remaining in Nova Scotia. Looking to have a handcrafted dory built? Visit us at

Looking for more marine gear?

Check out the Chandlery located at 174 Bluenose Drive in Lunenburg NS Canada

Want to build a dory?

We offer boat building classes right here in our boat house. Winter 2022 class dates will be released soon! Stay tuned!

Dawson Moreland Rigging Tar

Ideal for: Slushing rigging, mixing with deck oil, use as a natural wood preservative, offending undesirable persons, and as a natural aphrodisiac scent.

"We may be slow but we get around"

Everyone loves a comfy tee!

"We may be slow but we get around"

Everyone loves a comfy tee!

Barque Picton Castle: Around The World Rum!

Sailing ships and spirits...

In 2018 Ironworks Distillery chose two versions of fine amber rum, 100% fermented, double distilled and barrel aged in Lunenburg. They were blended together, placed in four Bourbon barrels then in February 2018, we lowered all four casks into the hold of Barque Picton Castle. A week later they set to sea on a fourteen month circumnavigation of the world.

Fewer than 1500 bottles of Around The World Rum are available – ever. This is a one-time release of an historic product, born of a partnership between Ironworks Distillery and Barque Picton Castle. Half of the proceeds will go towards Picton Castle's seatraining scholarship fund.

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Barque Picton Castle & The Dory Shop